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Episerver Show and Tell: Ektron Users Ask, "How Do I Do That In Episerver?"

Is Episerver truly easier to use than Ektron?

If you’ve been considering migrating to the Episerver platform from Ektron, you probably are wondering what the platform actually “looks like.” Is Episerver truly easier to use than Ektron? How do you do certain activities, such as content editing?

In this pre-recorded webinar, Diagram's Chris Osterhout, an Ektron/Episerver EMVP, will walk you through the Episerver platform, focusing on usability and features from an Ektron user's perspective. You'll learn:

  • What it’s like to edit and create content
  • How mobile editing works
  • How to personalize and target content
  • The possibilities of multi-site editing
  • The power of versioning

To download the webinar, simply just fill out the form and you'll be taken to page to watch the webinar on demand.

Featured Speaker: Chris OsterhoutFEATURED SPEAKER
As Vice President of Business Strategy at Diagram, Chris helps clients understand the entire digital spectrum and guides them toward successful online solutions. As an Episerver EMVP, Chris is a recognized expert on the Ektron / Episerver CMS platforms and publishes, speaks and provides general thought leadership to clients and the greater web development community alike.