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Where do I start with my content migration?

First step? A content audit. 

Migrating content as part of a CMS platform change is like moving. You don't want to spend time or effort packing up things you don't use or don't want. The same goes for a CMS migration. You shouldn't move pages or assets that have little or no value in terms of traffic, conversions, brand identity or business goals. 

A content audit will kick start your planning process by mapping out all your current content and help you decide what will be migrated, should be edited, or will not make the move. 

We've put together a content audit template that takes the guesswork out of this process. Best of all? It's free.

Use our content audit template to:

  • Do an inventory of your content
  • Organize key metrics that will help in decisions about whether or not to migrate the content
  • Keep track of backlinks to monitor
  • Feel confident that you are ready to tackle the CMS migration project

Download Our Free Content Audit Template