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The Importance of User Experience: A Review of Common UX Issues 

Bad UX is not just a web design issue, it’s a marketing/sales/customer service/bottom line issue.

User Experience (UX) can be a complicated subject. It can encompass everything from a site’s information architecture (IA), to how quickly it loads, to how it appears on mobile devices, to the animations and interactive elements it utilizes, to the basic colors and fonts that make up the site’s content. If want to ensure that your site provides a good experience for your users, where do you begin?

In our webinar, we’ll do a live review of attendee submitted sites to not just “talk” about UX issues and how to fix them, but actually show you what you need to be concerned about.

This is an opportunity to learn from experienced UX designers and to understand the top issues that you can fix today to make a huge impact on how happy your customers are when they visit your site.

Watch the webinar!

Allison Casey

Presented By:

Allison Casey

Director of Digial Marketing at WSOL

Live Webinar

Meet Your UX Experts

Dennis Kardys

Dennis Kardys

Diagram Design Director

Dennis focuses on helping clients realize the importance of user-centered design and developing elegant and intuitive websites.


Britney Na

Britney Na

Diagram Interaction Designer

Britney assesses the overall health of websites that we will be redesigning by performing usability testing and assessing user experience issues.